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Foumbot: prices of certain products lowered after public protest

Foumbot: prices of certain products lowered after public protest

Paru le mercredi, 11 mai 2022 13:10

On May 9, the prefect of the department of Noun (Western Region) chaired a consultation meeting between the parties involved in the ongoing social conflict in the town of Foumbot, where the population has been protesting for three days against the high cost of living.

To calm the situation, the Mayor of Foumbot issued a statement informing that the prices of certain products have been revised downwards. The bag of cement 32.5 fell from CFA6,000 to CFA5,800 and the bag of cement 42.5 fell from CFA6,500 to CFA6,300. The price of sheet metal has been reduced from CFA6,500 to CFA6,300 for 2M sheet metal and from CFA9,500 to CFA9,300 for 3M sheet metal.

"A price monitoring committee will be established to ensure that the market complies with the new grid,” the statement said. Sources revealed that the price of sugar has risen from CFA700 to CFA950 per kg on the market, cement reached CFA7,000 or even CFA7,500 from CFA4,800 while sheet metal went from CFA6,000 to CFA9,000 and a bag of fertilizer from CFA18,000 to CFA45,000.

The prefect chaired another meeting yesterday to discuss other demands from the population.


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