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Fuel crisis in Cameroon to end by Tuesday, says Minee

Fuel crisis in Cameroon to end by Tuesday, says Minee

Paru le lundi, 11 décembre 2023 19:01

After weeks of fuel shortages plaguing Douala, Yaoundé, and Bafoussam, relief is in sight. Minister of Water and Energy Gaston Eloundou Essomba announced on Monday, December 11, that the situation is expected to return to normal by Tuesday, December 12.

The minister attributed the disruption to delays in the arrival of three fuel tankers due to rough seas and adverse weather conditions at the Lomé hub port, interrupting ship-to-ship transfers for four days. However, with ships finally docked in Douala, the situation is expected to improve rapidly.

To accelerate the restocking process, 81 tanker trucks were loaded throughout the night on Sunday, December 11, and railcars are also being filled to replenish supplies. Additionally, a vessel carrying 13,000 metric cubes of Super fuel is already docked in Douala and ready for distribution, the government official informs.

His announcement comes as motorists in the affected cities have been facing long queues and limited availability at fuel stations. The crisis intensified over the past three days, despite initial assurances from the Société Camerounaise de Dépôts Pétroliers (SCDP).

In a November 29 press release, SCDP downplayed concerns and assured consumers that the supply network remained stable. However, the subsequent rise in daily consumption from 900 to 1,200 m metric cubes highlighted the growing anxieties. On December 9, SCDP acknowledged the "scarcity of products" attributed to "import uncertainties," before predicting a rapid return to normalcy on Sunday.


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