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Cameroon: Govt launches online showcase site for local products

Cameroon: Govt launches online showcase site for local products

Paru le jeudi, 13 avril 2023 16:37

The promotion of locally manufactured products has always been a priority of the Cameroonian government. To support the efforts made so far, the state is launching a new instrument to showcase its wealth.

The Cameroonian Minister of Commerce, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atanga, presided Wednesday over the launching ceremony of the online site dedicated to locally made products. The official touted as the place where the know-how of Cameroonian producers (food processing, agriculture, textiles, cosmetics, crafts, etc.) will now be showcased.

This online marketplace has a well-informed directory (phone and email addresses) of companies operating in the made-in-Cameroon and provides access to many sales sites. A list of products (photo and description) and their prices as well as the addresses of producers are also provided.

Designed by the startup Kiama, this new tool should help increase the visibility and accessibility of products made in Cameroon, which are still too often overshadowed by imported products.


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