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The sanction against Touristique Express lasted only four days instead of at least a month

The sanction against Touristique Express lasted only four days instead of at least a month

Paru le mardi, 16 mai 2023 03:41

The general management of Touristique Express received the good news today that the suspension imposed on the company last week by the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Ngallé Bibéhé (photo) has been lifted. The lifting of the sanction was made public in a statement issued by the government official.

"The Minister of Transport has decided, exceptionally, to lift as of today, the suspension of Touristique Express SA. Consequently, the company is authorized to resume its activities," the Minister said, stressing that this new decision is consecutive "to the firm commitments made by the company and the implementation of swift measures to ensure the optimal security of its passengers”.

The minister did admit, however, that he was sensitive to the concerns that have been expressed since the suspension was issued by the transporters' corporation and a consumer association. These include the group of road transporters (GTTC), "which recognizes the shortcomings of the company (Touristique Express) and is committed to supporting it in the implementation of corrective measures", and the Cameroonian League of Consumers (LCC), which, "noting the social concerns caused by this situation (suspension of activities, ed)", requested the "clemency" of the Minister of Transport. Moreover, Jean Ernest Ngallé Bibéhé said he reviewed his previous decision due to the current social context in the country. Indeed “many citizens mentioned the difficulties of travel in the north of the country (where Touristique Express mainly operates), the increase in demand for transportation in the run-up to the Hajj and the vacations, as well as the celebration of the National Unity Day on May 20."

On the routes between the northern and southern regions of Cameroon, Touristique Express is the main road transport operator. The company is also one of the leaders in VIP passenger transport between the cities of Yaoundé and Douala.

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