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Cameroon govt wants to tap more sources of non-tax revenues

Cameroon govt wants to tap more sources of non-tax revenues

Paru le lundi, 19 décembre 2022 16:42

Cameroonian Finance Minister Louis Paul Motaze (pictured) announced his ambition to better exploit the sources of non-tax revenues in the country. While presenting the 2023 state budget before the Parliament recently, the official revealed a study has proved “the potential of these resources would amount to CFA600 billion”.

Minister Louis Paul Motaze also noted that "the government is doing everything possible to optimize the mobilization of these revenues”. In 2023, the government plans to collect CFA250 billion in non-tax revenues. Compared to the estimated potential, Cameroon loses a lot.

Non-tax revenues include, among other things, interest payments on government assets, royalties, fines, sanctions, penalties and prosecution costs, profit transfers from the central bank and public enterprises, etc.

The state budget for 2023 is estimated at CFA6,345 billion. Oil and gas revenues are forecast at CFA807 billion, tax and customs administrations will have to collect CFA3,528.1 billion, non-tax revenues are expected to be CFA250.4 billion and grants are forecast at CFA 91 billion.


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