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Cameroon-Chad Rail: Three Options on the Table with Costs Up To XAF5,000 Billion

Cameroon-Chad Rail: Three Options on the Table with Costs Up To XAF5,000 Billion

Paru le jeudi, 22 février 2024 10:06

Cameroon and Chad have yet to agree on the path for a planned railroad connecting the two nations, according to a government official, delaying a project aimed at boosting regional trade.

Three options with varying costs and routes are under consideration, said a senior official from Cameroon's Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, who spoke at the European Union-Cameroon Business Week on February 20.

The cheaper option, XAF2,988 billion, would connect Ngaoundéré directly to Ndjamena via Chadian towns like Moundou, Kello, and Bongor.

The second option, estimated at XAF4,829 billion, would see the rail mainly on Cameroonian soil, stretching from Ngaoundéré in the north to the border town of Kousseri, then crossing into Chad's capital Ndjamena. This route would serve major towns in Cameroon's northern regions.

The final route, costing XAF4,948 billion, follows a more circuitous path through Cameroon before entering Chad and rejoining the other options near Kello.

The project, designed to extend Cameroon's existing Transcamerounais railway to Ndjamena, aims to improve competitiveness along the Douala-Ndjamena corridor, a key trade route. Public-private partnerships are expected to finance the project, with construction slated to begin in 2026.


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