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Cameroon Fuel Supply Stable, No Shortage Feared, Says SCDP

Cameroon Fuel Supply Stable, No Shortage Feared, Says SCDP

Paru le mercredi, 27 décembre 2023 13:07

Earlier today, December 27, Cameroon Petroleum Depot Company (SCDP) made a Facebook post to quell growing anxiety among motorists, assuring them that recent concerns about a new fuel shortage are unfounded.

"There will be no disruption to fuel supply in the coming days," SCDP wrote citing readily available stocks of around 88 million liters of premium gasoline in Douala and Limbe. The state-owned company further emphasized that no supply constraints are currently affecting other petroleum products.

This reassurance comes on the heels of a December fuel shortage that briefly brought activity to a near standstill. However, SCDP highlighted ongoing restocking efforts as evidence of robust supply.

"Following the December shortage, tankers have continued to replenish stocks," the company stated. "Just yesterday, December 26, a 20,000-metric-cube vessel arrived in Douala, docking at 4:00 a.m. today," the statement continued, referencing additional tanker arrivals in both Douala and Limbe over the past days.

The company emphasized that "rationing at service stations is unnecessary," cautioning that such measures could "disrupt service continuity, influence consumer behavior, and trigger an exponential rise in demand that would overwhelm the distribution network's logistical capacity."

In essence, SCDP is urging the public to remain calm and disregard rumors of a shortage. Panic buying, the company warns, could overburden the distribution system and exacerbate any temporary supply fluctuations.


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