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Cement Prices Drop by Up to XAF250 per Bag

Cement Prices Drop by Up to XAF250 per Bag

Paru le mercredi, 29 novembre 2023 08:46

The government has secured a reduction in the prices of certain brands of cement, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Commerce earlier today (November 28). The reductions range from XAF100 to 250 per bag depending on the town.  

Cement manufacturer Cimencam has agreed to a reduction of XAF150 on a 50 kg bag of 32.5R cement. This product will now sell for XAF4,450 in Douala and XAF4,750 in Yaoundé. For the 42.5R cement type, the 50 kg bag has been reduced by XAF100, bringing the price to XAF5,000 in Douala and XAF5,300 in Yaoundé.

Morocco's Cimaf has also implemented similar reductions on the same types of bags of cement. Société Mira's 42.5R cement has been reduced by XAF200 to 4,700 in Douala and 5,000 in Yaoundé. The 32.5R type bag has been reduced by XAF150 to 4,150 in Douala and by XAF250 to 4,450 in Yaoundé.

Minister Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana said he secured the price reductions after meeting with cement manufacturers. In October, he noted that cement prices were still high in hardware stores, even though cement manufacturers had lowered their production costs.

"I want to point out that these price reductions are not being passed on to consumers, who are supposed to benefit from them. I urge you to immediately inform me of the new prices of your products so that I can ensure that they are passed on to consumers through the distribution chain," he urged at the time.


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