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No, Grégoire Owona’s son was not jailed in France

Paru le vendredi, 06 novembre 2020 17:41

In a recent live video broadcasted on social media, Remy Ngono (a Cameroonian journalist and activist based in France) announced that a certain Guillaume Owona Ndi who is supposedly the son of Cameroon’s Minister of Labor Gregoire Owona, has been jailed in France. According to the activist, the supposed son was jailed for carrying out “illegal activities.” Many users believed the claim but, the Minister indexed refuted the claim.

On November 3, 2020, the official reacted to the video informing that none of his children has such a name. Also, he informs, none of his relatives (be them children, nephew, niece) live in Toulouse, talk less of France.

None of my children are in prison. They are currently carrying out their daily activities (…) They even asked me (as most of those people who know me did) whether the said Remy Ngono is a journalist,” he indicated.  

The author of the video has still not proven his allegations. Sources contacted at the French diplomatic representation in Yaoundé did not confirm his information. Meanwhile, a diplomatic source believes that everyone would know if the son of a serving minister was arrested in France.


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