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No, the video showing a child viciously beating his little brother was not recorded in Cameroon

Paru le mercredi, 08 juillet 2020 16:41

In Cameroon, some social media users expressed their outrage because of a video showing a child beating another, younger than him, under the guidance and encouragement of a third party who was filming the video and whose voice is heard in the video. Commenting on the video, some users claim that the scene took place in Cameroon, “in Douala possibly.” However, our research shows that it took place in Gabon.

This fact is confirmed by the Gabonese ministry of interior in a release published in mid-June and signed by Brigadier General Bonjean Rodrigue Mbandza, the police prefect. The document states that the "instigator and author" of the video is a 16-year old (approximately) teenager who is the oldest brother of the two children seen in the video. The two children seen in the video are approximately 9 and 4, and all three are “from the same mother.”  

The mother was questioned, on the evening of June 16, by the competent services of the Gabonese police in charge of minors, before being released. For the teenager, he is being held in police custody "for further investigation," according to the release. Recent news has it that he has been placed under a committal order at Libreville Central Prison.

Facebook has limited the visibility of this shocking video, per the platform's charter regarding reprehensible content. It is accompanied by a warning informing users of its content before they see it. 


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