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No, the Ministry of Higher Education is not currently recruiting 400 young graduates

Paru le vendredi, 12 février 2021 16:54

Is the Ministry of Higher Education (Minesup) currently recruiting 400 young graduates? Some believe so. The reason for their belief, however, is owed to a "recruitment notice" in circulation on the internet. The said notice is written in French and dated January 28, 2021.

The notice claims that in a bid to bolster professional integration, the Minister of Higher Education «under the high instruction of the Head of State, launched the recruitment of 400 young graduates to teach in the universities and academic institutions located in the country’s regions ».  

A close inspection of the document proves that it is a fake notice, as the font used in its concoction, is quite different from the serif font usually used by MINESUP.

Also, the document is riddled with grammatical and syntactic errors. Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo who is an eminent French language professor in universities and is known for his careful use of the French language could not have possibly signed such a document full of errors.

Reacting to this false announcement, Jean Paul Mbia (head of Communication at Minesup) pointed out that the announcement mentions a department ("Directorate of Legal Affairs and Legislation") that does not exist in the organizational chart of October 1, 2012, in force at the MINESUP.

He added that Professor Patrick Edgard Abane Engolo who is head of the legal affairs division and the Minister of Higher Education has no knowledge of such recruitment.

Let’s note that the fake announcement is being shared barely days after President Paul Biya announced that a new phase of the special recruitment he ordered in 2018 will start this year. Indeed, on November 13, 2018, the Head of State Paul Biya ordered the recruitment of 2,000 teachers with Ph.D. in Cameroon's state universities.

The special recruitment is open to all Cameroonian graduates be they residents of Cameroon or living abroad.  The 2,000 teachers will be recruited over a period of three years starting from the 2019 fiscal year at the rate of 1,000 teachers recruited in 2019, 500 in 2020, and 500 in 2021.

Thus, scammers have based their antics and deceits on the announcement.

Sylvain Andzongo

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