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No, the automatic toll booths to be built in Cameroon do not cost XAF34 billion each

Paru le mardi, 15 décembre 2020 18:32

Since December 10, 2020, when the Minister of Public Works Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi launched the construction of Cameroon’s first 14 automatic toll booths, a screenshot surfaced online claiming that each of the toll booths will cost XAF34.7 billion. According to the screenshot, the infrastructure will cost XAF485.5 billion in total. The fact is the claim is wrong. The whole project launched will cost XAF34.75 billion (tax included).

Specifically, studies and control will cost XAF4.411 billion, clearing of rights of way XAF1.014 billion, general earthworks XAF2.023 billion, carriageways and shoulders XAF5.445 billion, sanitation XAF990 million, civil engineering XAF2.020 billion, traffic control device and equipment XAF1.199 billion, operating equipment XAF6.273 billion, roads and various networks XAF1.825 billion as well as buildings, canopies, and cabins XAF6.879 billion.

The project is being carried out within the framework of a public-private partnership. Thus, Tollcam (a company under Cameroonian law, formed by the Razel-BEC-Egis Projects group) was awarded the contract. The company formed must ensure the financing, design, construction, equipment, operation, and maintenance of the works.

The tolls are expected to start generating XAF7 billion in 2021 and up to XAF53.59 billion in 2039 based on a tariff of XAF500 per vehicle. The government is expected to receive XAF5.482 billion in 2021 and up to XAF48.995 billion in 2039 (when the contract will end).

The 14 toll booths are to be built at Nsimalen (Yaoundé-Mbalmayo), Mbankomo (Yaoundé-Mbankomo), Tiko (Douala-Mutenguene), Edea (Douala-Edea), Boumnyebel (Edea-Boumnyebel), Nkometou (Yaoundé-Obala), Bayangam (Bangangte-Bafoussam), Bafia (Obala-Bafia), Mbanga (Douala-Mbanga), Manjo (Mbanga-Manjo), Bandja (Bafang-Bafoussam), Matazen (Bafoussam-Bamenda), Foumbot (Bafoussam-Foumbot) and Dschang (Dschang-Bamougoum).

Sylvain Andzongo

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