Rumeurs, idées reçues, clichés, superstitions, légende : qui dit vrai ? qui dit faux ?

No, the digital collection of customs duties is not yet operational

Paru le lundi, 19 octobre 2020 11:13


Rumors have it that the government’s strategy of collecting customs duties on imported mobile phones and other devices is already operational. The tax is 33% of the device's factory value.

The truth is the Cameroonian government is still negotiating with Arintech, which is the promoter of the collection platform. The proof lies in a document issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Because some people are unaware of the situation, scammers are trying to take advantage of that, by sending them messages posing as operators and asking them to pay the tax following a system they have intentionally set up.

Pending an official announcement that the system for the digital collection of customs duties is operational, the population must be on its guard and beware of scams.

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