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No teacher was impregnated by her pupil at Biyem-Assi Government High School

Paru le vendredi, 19 novembre 2021 15:50

Since November 13, 2021, publications have been going round social media claiming one of the students of the Biyem-Assi Government High School in Yaoundé impregnated his teacher. "Biyem-Assi Government High School: a student in Premiere [the equivalent of the 11th grade in Francophone education] has impregnated his Spanish teacher. This is the reason why the principal just prohibited some clothing styles," a message extensively shared on WhatsApp, Facebook and by some Cameroonian media outlets informs. 

The information is denied by the Biyem-Assi Government High School.  "The rumor is unfounded. It is fake news. None of our Spanish teachers are pregnant. The only pregnant teacher we have is the wife of one of our colleagues and she is already close to delivery. She is also not a Spanish teacher,”  several sources at the school told SBBC on condition of anonymity.

In a statement on November 12, the school's principal, Régine Nka, asked her staff, “the female staff especially”, to dress properly. 

According to the rumors, that statement was issued because of the alleged pregnancy. However, for sources at the Biyem-Assi Government High School, this is not the first time Régine Nkais emphasized on teacher’s clothing style. "The principal had already issued a verbal reminder to the staff, emphasizing that teachers must be models [for their students]. This written statement has been published just to bring it to everyone’s attention,” a source close to the principal says.  


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