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No, the Yaoundé-Douala road did not collapse on September 21

Paru le jeudi, 24 septembre 2020 10:22

“How did this new Douala-Yaoundé road deteriorate so quickly and easily after the first rains, though it’s still under construction?”  This is what some social media users want to know, thinking that the road got cracked. What raised this question is a picture showing a cracked road and suggesting that it’s the National Road No. 3 linking Yaoundé to Douala.

But it is Fake News. “There is no such degradation on the National Road No. 3 at this time,” the Ministry of Public Works said in a denial statement.

Further research reveals that the image of the collapsed road attributed to Cameroon comes from a Facebook page called “Les Chroniques de Brazza.” This exact image can be seen in a video shared on September 20, 2020, at 09:24 am, by this page. The video was about the collapse of a mountainous road located 13 km from Sembé on the Ketta axis, in Congo.

Sylvain Andzongo

Dernière modification le mercredi, 30 septembre 2020 13:55

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