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No, there was no earthquake in Buea

Paru le vendredi, 27 mars 2020 16:11

Several social media posts indicate that an earthquake occurred in Buea on March 23; “Buea is completely flooded after an earthquake at Mount Cameroon, it sucks,” a user wrote on Facebook.

Following the earthquake, there is a landslide in Buea, Cameroon,” another user wrote.  

According to experts, there was no earthquake in the said region during the week of March 23. Dr. George Mafany Teke, geologist and regional representative of the Ministry of Scientific research, explains that the flooding observed in Buea is the result of heavy rains.

In this video extensively shared on social media, substantial mudflow can be seen streaming along the roadway and between houses. “Buea General Hospital,” a man says in the video to indicate where this happened.

So, as Dr. George Mafany Teke said, this was not due to an earthquake or volcanic eruption as part of the population believes. It is due to the heavy rains that fell in the town last Monday.


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