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Yes, Pascal Obispo did kiss Vérushka on the lips but it was by accident

Paru le mercredi, 29 avril 2020 15:09

There was recently an outroar on social media after the kiss between Pascal Obispo and Vérushka during the K.O. event, which is the last show of the 9th season of The Voice France, broadcasted on TF1 on April 25. If this kiss shocked more than one, it especially surprised others who believed they were hallucinating. "Am I dreaming or Pascal kissed Vérushka on the mouth?" a Twitter user writes. No, this is no dream. The famous French artist did kiss the Cameroonian singer...but "accidentally," according to several French media.

 "To congratulate her talent, Pascal Obispo went up on stage and wanted to kiss her on the cheek. Except that it turned out, by accident, to be a... kiss on the mouth. This is something that internet users noticed," a French website reports.

"On Saturday, April 25th, Pascal Obispo selected his latest talents for the grand semi-final of The Voice. Apart from Baby J and Abi, he also selected the sparkling Vérushka. Except that when he went on the stage to congratulate her, the singer made a clumsy move which did not go unnoticed," wrote the famous French magazine Voici on its website.

Pascal Obispo wanted to congratulate his candidate for her interpretation of Bonnie Tyler's "Total eclipse of the heart." A masterful performance that made her stand out and qualified her for the semi-finals. However, when he embraced her, he accidentally kissed her on the lips. The kiss has been filmed by internet users and the video is widely shared on social media.  

It is hard to believe that the 55-year-old singer, married to model Julie Hantson, could have voluntarily kissed Vérushka in front of millions of viewers.

Let’s note that Vérushka has never made any secret of her admiration for Pascal Obispo.

"I've been a fan of Pascal since I was a kid. I know all his songs. When I saw him in real life in front of me, I thought I was hallucinating, but unfortunately, he's married," Vérushka said in an interview.


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