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Yes, the Kribi high school students involved in a sex tape have been readmitted

Paru le mercredi, 31 mars 2021 14:22

A recent Facebook post shared numerous times indicates that the students previously expelled from the government bilingual high school of Kribi for their participation in a sex tape have been invited to return to school.

The Facebook post even quoted Minister of Secondary Education Pauline Nalova Lyonga saying that the 14 students can return to school. However, as the screenshot of the post surfaced in Whatsapp groups, people flagged the news as fake.

The information is indeed true. The Minister of Secondary Education (MINESEC), Pauline Nalova Lyonga, has indeed announced the reinstatement of these students. She announced this during the 2-day working visit she carried out in Kribi last week.

We learn that during her visit, she met with the expelled students and their parents. The decision is that the students will attend special classes till the end of the school year when they will sit for the bilingual baccalauréat as students of the government bilingual school. The official also recommended psychological support for the said students.    

The case started with the publication, on March 1, 2021, of a sex tape involving 20 students of the government bilingual school of Kribi. The video went viral and sparked outrage and concerns within the educational community and public opinion. As a result, 14 out of the 20 people involved were permanently expelled from the school. On March 19, Minister Pauline Nalova Lyonga reversed her decision and prescribed enhanced support for those students because of their family situations, which can be challenging sometimes. 


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