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Budget 2021: The Minister of Scientific Research deplores the lack of resources

Budget 2021: The Minister of Scientific Research deplores the lack of resources

Paru le jeudi, 03 décembre 2020 04:12

The Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation (Minresi), Madeleine Tchuinté (pictured), defended a FY2021 budget of CFA8.691 billion before the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly on December 1. The amount is down by over CFA2 billion compared to that of FY2020.

"Regarding the objectives set out in the National Development Strategy 2020-2030, needs are still huge. In reality, the basic budget resources allocated to us are inadequate to meet our real needs, and do not always promote the achievement of our objectives," deplored the official.

According to Madeleine Tchuinté, this allocation is "far below that for the scientific research and innovation sector of financial resources equivalent to 1% of GDP as recommended for 2010 by the member states of the African Union under the 1980 Lagos Plan of Action."

She recalls that the identification of the research sector as a government priority implies that the government should increase the financial resources allocated directly for the implementation of scientific research and innovation activities.

"Fortunately, this lack of resources at the moment is not that much felt thanks to the support that Cameroonian research receives from our bilateral and multilateral partners," Madeleine Tchuinté  said.


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