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Gov't CEOs Risk Penalties for Unsanctioned Foreign Travel, Letter Warns

Gov't CEOs Risk Penalties for Unsanctioned Foreign Travel, Letter Warns

Paru le lundi, 04 mars 2024 11:47

Cameroon wants to regulate the movements of CEOs of state companies, we learn from a letter dated February 19 from the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic (SGPR), seen by SBBC and directed to the Secretary General of the Prime Minister's Office.

In the letter, SGPR Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh cautioned that "appropriate sanctions will now be imposed on any senior official who chooses to leave the national territory without prior authorization from the Head of State." The SGPR stated that this stringent control is intended to "curb the State's operational costs."

According to the letter, the warning comes from an observation that 'general managers, deputy general managers and chairmen of the board of directors of companies and public institutions continue to travel abroad without having obtained the required exit authorizations for this purpose.' 

The SGPR tasks ministers who provide technical supervision to these public companies to transmit these instructions. But, it is worth noting that the measure concerns many ministers since they chair the board of public companies.  

It is noteworthy that SGPR Ngoh Ngoh's warning is coupled with a mobilization of airport authorities and security personnel "to rigorously enforce" the President's directives regarding the departure of concerned senior officials from the country.

Recalling a circular dated February 23, 2018, from Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, which had previously alerted these senior company officials about various irregularities observed during missions and trips abroad by board chairpersons, administrators, managing directors, and deputy managing directors of state-owned companies and public establishments, it highlighted that some missions were conducted without requisite authorization from supervisory bodies, and their benefits for the respective entities were not always evident.

Despite this prior warning, recent events indicate a lack of compliance. In November 2022, the CEO of Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel) faced reprimand from her technical supervisor, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, for her repeated unauthorized foreign trips that contravened existing regulations.

Presently, President Paul Biya is now threatening sanctions against senior executives of state-owned enterprises who undertake unauthorized travels without clearance from the Head of State.


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