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Paul Biya harmonizes retirement age for public health professionals

Paul Biya harmonizes retirement age for public health professionals

Paru le lundi, 06 juillet 2020 13:56

On July 3, 2020, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, signed a decree raising the retirement age for civil servants in the public health corps.

 "The retirement age for civil servants in the public health corps is (...) raised to 60 years for staff in categories A and B and to 55 years for staff in categories C and D," the presidential decree indicates.

In other words, five to ten years have been added to the retirement age of these staff. Indeed, although governed by a special statute, the retirement of health care staff has hitherto depended on the civil service statutes, Article 124 of which limits the age of retirement to 50 years for categories C and D and 55 years for categories A and B.

This decree is praised by the concerned personnel. "I am satisfied to be able to work for five more years but, my objective has not changed. I am focused on one goal: save lives,” a doctor said.

Indeed, raising the retirement age has been a long-standing demand of the health workers' union, which has always protested against disparities in this area. While some were allowed to retire at 50, a few of them who were considered privileged had to wait until 65 or even 68.

While welcoming the raising and harmonization of the retirement age, the health care personnel, counting on the President of the Republic’s thoughtfulness, is already making another demand which is a salary increase.

In his address to the nation on May 19, 2020, Paul Biya paid tribute to the nursing staff for their commitment to the fight against Covid-19. “I also wish to hail the courage of Cameroonian health professionals and those assisting them. With the resources available to us, they are doing the utmost to treat those infected with the disease. Indeed, they are not giving up in the face of the gravity of COVID-19 infection. The Nation, through me, congratulates and urges them to keep it up.”

Dominique Mbassi

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