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Minfopra Joseph Lé Announces Sigipes II Launch in 2024

Minfopra Joseph Lé Announces Sigipes II Launch in 2024

Paru le vendredi, 08 décembre 2023 11:59

The launch of the second version of the Computerized System for the Integrated Management of State Personnel and the Payroll (SIGIPES II) will be one of the top priorities of the Ministry of Public Service in 2024, Minfopra Joseph Lé indicated on Twitter. Official sources confirm the imminent release. Meanwhile, last September, Minfopra said: “ For the time being, the focus is on various tests and operations to verify the system's functionality and optimal operation.”

During Labour Day celebrations in May 2023, Minfopra emphasized the critical importance of Sigipes II for Cameroon's civil service. He highlighted the application's benefits, including improved assignment management, addressing current shortcomings, facilitating civil servant mobility between ministries, and tackling issues like job abandonment and unreported deaths.

He also announced a "large-scale campaign" of information exchange between Minfopra and users of Cameroon's public services, planned for 2024. Further details on this deployment are eagerly awaited. In 2024, Minfopra also plans to operationalize a platform –presented in April 2023– for verifying civil servants' diplomas.

Michel Ange Nga

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