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IRAD raises the base salary of its staff

IRAD raises the base salary of its staff

Paru le mercredi, 09 septembre 2020 15:49

The Board of Directors of the Agricultural Research Institute for Development (IRAD) announced on September 4 it has adopted a new organization chart to align with the new structur of the public administrative establishment.

In particular, the directors approved a substantial increase in the base salary of the staff, as well as an increase in the benefits provided to the managers. “The directors noted with satisfaction that these upgrades make the Institute's socio-professional environment more attractive,” the institute said.

These reforms come in a climate somewhat strained by a wave of layoffs. Indeed, on June 23, 2020, the Director-General of IRAD, Noé Woin, suspended the employment contracts of three staff delegates, pending “the decision of final dismissal by the competent authorities.”

The reasons for this decision are blatant insubordination, repeated disrespect, threats and assaults against managers, incitement of staff to disobedience, and willful disruption of employees' work.

On the same day, Noé Woin terminated, for forgery and use of false or forged diplomas, and without prejudice to legal proceedings, the hiring decisions of nearly thirty agents, thus contributing to worsening relations with the various unions.

Created in 1996 following the merger of the Agricultural Research Institute (IRA) and the Zootechnical and Veterinary Research Institute (IRZV), the IRAD is responsible for conducting scientific research across the country. To achieve its goals, IRAD operates regional research centers in Yaoundé Nkolbisson (coffee, cocoa, fruits, and vegetables), Ekona (rubber, oil palm, fisheries resources), Maroua (cotton, cereals), Wakwa (zootechnics), and Bambui (legumes, zootechnics).


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