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MDR Congress Postponed to February, Paulin Djorwe Vows Legal Challenge

MDR Congress Postponed to February, Paulin Djorwe Vows Legal Challenge

Paru le mercredi, 10 janvier 2024 10:56

The Movement for the Defence of the Republic (MDR) has postponed its congress, originally scheduled for January 27, to the last week of February, Paulin Djorwe, a claimant to the party's leadership, told SBBC on Wednesday. Djorwe, who is no longer recognized by the Ministry of Territorial Administration (Minat) as the transitional president of the MDR, insists that the meeting will not be canceled. He also plans to legally challenge the appointment of Daïssala Tigana Tassi as the MDR's leader.

In a letter dated January 5, Minister Paul Atanga Nji informed the Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Office of the President of the Republic that Tassi is now the President of the MDR. The letter stated that Tassi assumed leadership following an extraordinary national convention held on December 17 in Yaoundé. Djorwe, however, finds this amusing, noting that it is unlikely for such a convention to take place in Yaoundé given the MDR's strong presence in the Far North and North regions.

"Our militants are calm," Djorwe added. He mentioned that they are eagerly awaiting the congress, where a national bureau will be elected to conclude the transitional period. The congress will also focus on revising the texts of the MDR, founded by the late minister Dakole Daïssala who died in August 2022.

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