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Govt sets an Operations Coordination Center for public health emergencies

Govt sets an Operations Coordination Center for public health emergencies

Paru le vendredi, 15 mai 2020 14:59

Cameroonian Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute, signed on May 12 an order for the creation of the Center for Coordination of Public Health Emergency Operations (CCOUSP), a body dedicated to responding to public health emergencies.

The Prime Minister's text specifies that the CCOUSP is the framework par excellence for consultation between the various national and international actors involved in the management of public health emergencies and for coordinating the operations launched to this end.

As such, it ensures the implementation of response plans or prepares the alert, health monitoring, and response system. CCOUSP is also responsible for building the capacities of the actors involved in emergency management or ensuring the immediate availability of the resources needed for interventions. The development, dissemination, and implementation of standard operating procedures for the health management of public health emergencies also fall within its remit. The CCOUSP is therefore called upon to operate in standby, alert, and activation or response modes.

The center’s operation is ensured by the budget of the Ministry of Public Health. But the CCOUSP can also receive contributions from financial or technical partners, as well as donations and legacies.

CCOUSP reinforces the role of the Center for Emergency Public Health Operations (COUSP), which was handed over to Cameroon by the U.S. Ambassador on June 21, 2019. The U.S. diplomatic representation in Cameroon not only accompanied the realization of the infrastructure but also the process of training its human resources.


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