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Grégoire Owona kicks off legislation reform to improve working conditions

Grégoire Owona kicks off legislation reform to improve working conditions

Paru le mercredi, 15 juillet 2020 04:11

“It seems necessary to adapt our labor legislation to the current national and international contexts to ensure a better framework for relations between workers and employers, and greater regulation of labor relations, to promote peace and social cohesion,” said the Minister of Labor and Social Security (Mintss), Grégoire Owona (pictured). The official was speaking during the 22nd session of the National Consultative Labor Commission that he chaired.

The meeting is devoted to the examination of texts governing working conditions in Cameroon. Among the texts to be examined are six draft decrees aimed at extending national collective agreements in the sectors of telecommunications and related trades, port handling, waste management companies, sanitation, and related activities, etc.

Labor experts and technicians are also evaluating the Decree amending and supplementing the Prime Minister's decree of 15 July 1993 on temporary work enterprises or the decree laying down the modalities for issuing the certificate of deficiency of the national labor force in public and private investment projects.

The revision of all these texts, reassures the minister, should lead to a clear improvement in workers' conditions.


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