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Reactivated opposition party FCC unable to convince SDF dissidents?

Reactivated opposition party FCC unable to convince SDF dissidents?

Paru le jeudi, 16 novembre 2023 03:42

Emmanuel Ntonga, former Social Democratic Front (SDF) regional director for the Centre region, just announced he is joining Jean Michel Nintcheu's Front for Change in Cameroon (FCC). The politician, contacted by SBBC, says he is joining the party to continue the SDF's neglected fight to oust the current government. "Most of us are going to follow him to continue the same fight," the former SDF official says. 

However, according to another former SDF official, Jean Michel Nintcheu's FCC is "neither convincing nor suitable." Nintcheu, a former SDF official who was expelled along with 32 other party militants and executives, is struggling to recruit new members into FCC, his party created in 1992. 

Of the 33 members expelled from the SDF last February, around 5 are now members of the FCC, according to one former activist. They are notably Jean Michel Nintcheu, Emmanuel Ntonga, Jean Robert Waffo, Carlos Ngoualem, and the SDF representative in France.

As a reminder, last February, the SDF leadership expelled 33 militants and party executives grouped under the "G27" movement. These excluded members were openly opposed to the late Ni John Fru Ndi, former leader of the party, and his plan to let 1st Vice-President Joshua Osih succeed him.

For the G27 movement, the Chairman and his 1st Vice-President simply betrayed the party by joining forces with the ruling CPDM. The court to which the G27 appealed to be rehabilitated declared itself incompetent to settle the dispute.

Last October, MP Jean Michel Nintcheu reactivated his party, the FCC. He says he wants to pursue the “original SDF” goal for which he joined forces with Ni John Fru Ndi's SDF: end the regime of President Paul Biya. 


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