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Father Ludovic Lado calls for Christians to join "Servir" movement

Father Ludovic Lado calls for Christians to join "Servir" movement

Paru le mercredi, 17 janvier 2024 15:22

In a recent video, Father Ludovic Lado, a Jesuit priest, urged Cameroonian Christians to join the Servir movement, an initiative he launched earlier this year. He emphasized that the time for action has come and extended the invitation to non-Christians willing to register and vote, with the hope that Cameroon will overcome its governance issues by 2025.

Public opinion has closely monitored the Servir movement since the video’s release, with anticipation building around potential membership growth. Despite the palpable enthusiasm noted by the founder in his video, Éric Leonel Loumou, managing partner of political consultancy firm Orin Consulting and a member of Opus Dei, expressed skepticism about mass Christian participation due to Father Lado’s outspoken nature.

Father Lado, known for his critiques of the church, has not garnered support from the clergy, according to Loumou. He noted that no priest or bishop has publicly endorsed the Servir movement, leading him to question the likelihood of widespread membership.

Michel Ange Nga

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