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Senate: Legislative Activity Expected to Resume This Week With President’s Return After Medical Leave

Senate: Legislative Activity Expected to Resume This Week With President’s Return After Medical Leave

Paru le jeudi, 21 mars 2024 03:15

Work in both Houses of Parliament is set to resume later this week, over two weeks after the session commenced on March 5. This information comes from senior members of the Senate administration contacted by SBBC. According to sources, Senate President Marcel Niat Njifenji returned to Cameroon on Sunday, March 17, following a three-month medical evacuation to an undisclosed European country.

Recent social media posts depict Marcel Niat Njifenji alongside Salomon Ehet, Cameroon's ambassador to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva, Switzerland. A Senate contact revealed that Marcel Niat Njifenji has been in Geneva since Sunday morning, indicating that activities are expected to pick up this week with an increase in meetings, overseen by the institution's Secretary General, Michel Meva'a M'Eboutou.

Numerous meetings have taken place since the session began between the Senate President's office director, Senate officials, and senior officials at the Office of the President of the Republic. The focus has been on facilitating Marcel Niat Njifenji's return to the Nde department in the West region. 

Marcel Niat Njifenji has held the position of Senate President since its establishment in 2013. The Senate's rules dictate that the March session is inaugurated by the oldest and two youngest members, but actual business is conducted by a bureau elected at a later stage. Consequently, senators have been awaiting action for over two weeks, with expectations that Niat Njifenji will continue as senator.

The impasse in the upper house of parliament also affects the National Assembly as elections for both institutions coincide. The ruling party CPDM aims for identical renewals in both Houses but faces challenges due to Niat Njifenji's absence. Efforts are being made to bring him back briefly for essential proceedings before he resumes medical treatment.

No definitive program has been outlined yet. Members of the ruling party await summoning for instructions on voting procedures at a forthcoming meeting at party headquarters. If bureau renewals occur this week in both chambers, representatives will have limited time to address a session scheduled for 30 days, with less than 15 days remaining for legislative work.


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