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Cavaye Yéguié sets up a committee to assess the National assembly’s financial situation

Cavaye Yéguié sets up a committee to assess the National assembly’s financial situation

Paru le lundi, 21 août 2023 16:30

Last August 7, Cavaye Yéguié Djibril, President of the National Assembly (PAN), set up an ad-hoc committee to "evaluate the financial and administrative situation of the National Assembly". The committee, which will be overseen by the PAN, will be headed by CPDM deputy Théophile Baoro, who is also vice-president of the national assembly. In addition to assessing the financial situation of the national assembly, the committee will suggest measures to address the inefficiencies identified.  Although SBBC has not been able to independently confirm the reasons that prompted the PAN to set up the committee, sources point to cash flow tensions that are hampering the National Assembly's operations.

This year, the lower house of the parliament’s budget is CFAF29.6 billion, up by more than one billion compared with the 2022 budget. Part of the budget is dedicated to operations but the most part is mainly dedicated to governance, institutional support, and strengthening parliamentary control over government action.

The 83-year-old Cavaye Yéguié Djibril has continually been president of the National Assembly for over 30 years, with a growing number of scandals marring the operations of the institution.

Last April, the president’s cabinet director set up a commission to filter mail submitted to the PAN. This led to the commission ending the illegal networks that were formed to get documents unofficially. 

"These practices, which have become very common in recent times, have given rise to dubious and inauthentic agreements and visas," lamented Cabinet Director Boukar Abdourahim at the time.

After the unceremonious dismissal, in February 2022, of the former Secretary General of the National Assembly, Gaston Komba, this function has since been assumed on an interim basis by the Deputy Secretary General.

The newly set up Committee has to submit its report (primarily intended for PAN Cavaye Yéguié Djibril) by September 30. 


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