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MRC initiates exclusion proceedings against Michèle Ndoki and Richard Tamfu for "anti-party activity"

MRC initiates exclusion proceedings against Michèle Ndoki and Richard Tamfu for "anti-party activity"

Paru le jeudi, 22 juin 2023 17:19

Michèle Ndoki, a candidate for the presidency of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC), has been excluded from running in the upcoming election scheduled for the end of this year. The party's executive committee has approved the requests for her exclusion, which were filed with the opposition party's National Mediation and Arbitration Committee (CNMA).

"Don't be surprised if I'm no longer a member of the MRC," she told journalists during a press conference held on June 22 in Yaoundé. Another candidate, Richard Tamfu, revealed during the conference that Christopher Ndong, the Secretary General of the MRC, has also requested his exclusion from the CNMA. The allegations against Tamfu include anti-party activity, spreading false news, breaching the duty of loyalty, and violating the secrecy of deliberations.

Tamfu expressed his belief that he is being accused due to his support for Michèle Ndoki's candidacy to replace Maurice Kamto as the leader of the MRC. Since announcing her intention to run on June 5, 2022, Ndoki has faced numerous attacks on social media, which she describes as "relentless."

The two party executives have been notified by Grégoire Jiogue, the CNMA's rapporteur, that they must submit their written statements of defense by June 22 (today) without a hearing. Although they believe their case has already been closed, the sanctioned party members have pledged to submit their written defense. They reference previous cases, including the expulsion of Alex Guepi, another MRC executive, who was removed from the party following a similar disciplinary procedure. This procedure involved a complaint to the CNMA, a notification to submit a written statement of defense, and expulsion from the party two days later.

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