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Parliament Election Looms as Scandals and Leadership Woes Swirl

Parliament Election Looms as Scandals and Leadership Woes Swirl

Paru le mercredi, 24 janvier 2024 13:50

The upcoming election of officers to the National Assembly is drawing significant attention, with Cavaye Yéguié Djibril, deputy for Mayo Sava, in the spotlight. Djibril has held the presidency of the institution continuously since 1992.

Despite his reappointment rarely being challenged, Djibril’s cabinet has been embroiled in numerous scandals throughout 2023. These include financial controversies and an administrative dispute over the position of Chief of Staff to the President of the National Assembly.

In November, a decree issued by the President of the National Assembly appointed a new Chief of Staff, only for another document, also signed by the President, to declare the decree inauthentic within hours. Amid this confusion, the incumbent Chief of Staff, Boukar Abdourahim, retained his position.

These scandals could potentially unseat Djibril, although many believe that significant change at the head of the institution is unlikely with a legislative election due in a year and a presidential election in 22 months.

Another key figure in the election is MP Cabral Libii of the PCRN, who is currently involved in a leadership dispute that could cost him both the presidency of his party and his status as an activist. This could also jeopardize his position as Secretary of the Bureau of the National Assembly.

The March session of the National Assembly is set to be closely monitored as political maneuvering intensifies ahead of the 2024 elections.


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