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Kribi II Divisional Officer Prohibits Cabral Libii’s PCRN Elective Congress

Kribi II Divisional Officer Prohibits Cabral Libii’s PCRN Elective Congress

Paru le vendredi, 24 novembre 2023 17:43

Marie Suzanne Bitanga Bebga, the divisional officer for Kribi II, has recently prohibited the elective congress of the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation (PCRN), initially scheduled for next December 15-17. Despite initially granting authorization for this political event in a receipt dated November 16, the administrative authority justifies this U-turn citing "new facts revealed during the hearing dated November 23, 2023, granted to Mr. Bruce Mahallet, representative of the PCRN." The congress is prohibited due to "internal dissensions, likely to seriously disrupt public order, within that political grouping.”  

The internal dissensions stem from a legal complaint filed by Robert Kona, one of the founders of  PCRN. Cabral Libii, a PCRN deputy, became the president of the political party in May 2019, following an extraordinary congress. However, Robert Kona wants to reclaim that presidency to implement what he calls “adjustments.”  On the reasons that prompted that legal complaint, Kona cites the lack of communication with Cabral Libii, asserting that decisions are made without consulting him despite the consultative vote conferred on him by statutes given his position as an honorary member and first member of the political bureau. He believes there is an issue in the party management, blaming the bureau for not ever visiting founding fathers. Consequently, his legal appeal aims to challenge the decisions made during the congress that appointed Cabral Libii as PCRN national president. 

In response to the Kribi II divisional officer’s ban, PCRN spokesman Armand Okol contends that the administrative authority succumbed to "enormous political and administrative pressure" to prohibit the congress. PCRN acknowledges these maneuvers, expressing awareness of the underlying objectives.

Responding to the attempt to remove him from the PCRN leadership, Cabral said this during an interview with French radio RFI today: "My mind has no more time to spend on conjectures about what might be behind this or that. I fundamentally believe in God, and I believe that time will reveal what lies behind.


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