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Niat Njifenji re-elected President of the Senate

Niat Njifenji re-elected President of the Senate

Paru le mardi, 28 mars 2023 10:25

Marcel Niat Njifenji, 88, who has been President of the Senate of Cameroon since 2013, got re-elected for the fifth consecutive time since the second election of the Senate in 2018. He was the only candidate for his own succession.

This member of the ruling party and former Minister of Planning and Territorial Development (1990-1991) is the only president that the Senate has known since its establishment in 2013. However, his new term is expected to be short-lived. The current Senate term has expired and a new list of senators, those of the third term, has already emerged from the March 12 election. The first full session of the new Senate should take place in the next few days. But the list of the 30 senators to be appointed by the President of the Republic is still awaited.

These new appointments will bring the overall number of senators to 100 senators as required by law. After that, the upper house of parliament will meet again for the first full session of this term to elect a president and a new bureau. The release of the list of 30 will give an indication of the profile of the future president of the Senate.


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