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The Cameroonian govt plans the return of citizens stranded in the UAE

The Cameroonian govt plans the return of citizens stranded in the UAE

Paru le mardi, 28 avril 2020 08:36

The government of Cameroon is planning to organize the return of citizens stranded in the United Arab Emirates. The information was reported in a note signed by the Consul General of Cameroon in the UAE, Donatien Mebouoguae.

The official said the return process only concerns Cameroonians who hold temporary or transit visas and have been stranded in the UAE since March 18 following the closure of land and air borders.

The Consul General stresses that the practical conditions and the departure dates will be revealed in a timely fashion and invites compatriots to always remain available in order “to be contacted when the time comes and not to miss this opportunity to return to Cameroon.”

Per government directives, “compatriots affected by these measures in different countries are invited to observe the instructions on the conditions of their health care once they return to Cameroon,” informs Donatien Mebouogue.

Conditions include that, first, the citizens comply with the systematic quarantine measure put in place by the Cameroonian government immediately on return home. Also, as soon as they land on the Cameroonian soil, they will get tested for the covid-19.

The third condition requires them to comply strictly with all measures communicated by administrative and health authorities regarding how they must quarantine.

The exact number of people stranded in the UAE is not officially known yet but some sources mentioned a bit more than a hundred. The government said there remain 668 Cameroonians stranded in many foreign countries. The first contingent of 675 citizens has already returned home.

Last week, the minister of public health, Manaouda Malachie, was instructed by PM Joseph Dion Ngute to finalize the procedure to quarantine citizens who will be repatriated. Special centers for the treatment of covid-19 are also being implemented.


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