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Deadly Far North Clash: 5 Killed in Kaï-Kaï, Calm Returns

Deadly Far North Clash: 5 Killed in Kaï-Kaï, Calm Returns

Paru le lundi, 01 avril 2024 10:59

Calm has been restored in Kaï-Kaï, Mayo-Danay, with residents resuming their daily activities, according to Jean Lazare Ndongo, the senior divisional officer of Mayo-Danay, who spoke on CRTV Radio.

On the previous day, a group of gendarmes was attacked by irate locals, resulting in five deaths, including one gendarme. Five other gendarmes were injured, but their injuries were not life-threatening, Ndongo reported.

The circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear. Ndongo stated that the gendarmes were pursued by angry locals. Journalistic sources suggest that the incident began with a dispute between a gendarme and a motorbike taxi driver at a regular checkpoint. Still, the cause of the dispute is yet to be determined.

Administrative authorities are taking steps to prevent a recurrence of such incidents in Kaï-Kaï. “We have reminded the population of the need to respect institutions and those who represent them,” Ndongo said.

Michel Ange Nga

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