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Elecam bets on permanent consultation to improve voter registration

Elecam bets on permanent consultation to improve voter registration

Paru le vendredi, 01 septembre 2023 12:56

On August 30, Elections Cameroon (Elecam) set up a permanent consultation platform in Adamaoua to get closer to local stakeholders. The following day, it did the same in the South region.  More are on the pipeline with the end goal being to set up these dialogue frameworks in each of the ten regions of Cameroon and improve the voting register.

According to a source within the election management body, the number of registered voters is still low compared with the entire population. In June 2022, the number of registered voters was 7.1 million, according to figures provided by Elecam's Electoral Council. At the same date, the Central Bureau of Censuses and Population Studies (Bucrep) estimated the size of Cameroon's population at over 26 million. The same estimates show that over 12 million Cameroonians are of voting age.

In that context, Elecam wants to get closer to the population to encourage registration. To achieve that goal, it will step up collaboration with various stakeholders, including political parties, civil society, administrative authorities, etc. Its consultations will take place at the communal, regional, and national levels. Elecam's priority is to register as many young people as possible, including women as well as disabled and vulnerable people.  

Michel Ange Nga

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