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Food Security: More Than One Million People Assisted in 2023 (WFP)

Food Security: More Than One Million People Assisted in 2023 (WFP)

Paru le mardi, 02 avril 2024 10:33

The World Food Programme (WFP) supported over a million individuals in Cameroon in 2023, including 413,000 men and 630,000 women, according to a recent report. The beneficiaries comprised 192,000 refugees, 372,000 internally displaced persons, 455,000 residents, and 22,000 returnees.

Assistance was provided in the form of food distribution and cash transfers. The WFP distributed 33,000 tons of food, primarily consisting of cereals, rice, beans, and vegetable oil. Cash transfers amounted and 13 million, equivalent to nearly eight billion CFA francs, although the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) suggests that around $20 million should have been distributed. The aid also encompassed malnutrition, education, and asset creation, and livelihood programs.

The WFP projected a need for $23.1 million to assist over 222,000 refugees from Nigeria and the Central African Republic (CAR) currently residing in Cameroon. This funding would ensure the continuation of crucial humanitarian aid until December 2024.

According to the WFP, Cameroon has grappled with three complex, intertwined, and protracted humanitarian crises for over a decade, which have largely remained underfunded. “In December 2023, 4.7 million people needed humanitarian assistance, of whom more than two million were displaced as refugees, internally displaced persons, and returnees,” it stated. 


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