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Eseka introduces new fines for sanitary rules’ violations

Eseka introduces new fines for sanitary rules’ violations

Paru le vendredi, 02 juillet 2021 15:26

New fines for sanitary rules violations are effective since June 28, 2021, in Eseka, in Nyong-et-Kelle. For instance, households whose entrances are unkept incur a XAF2000 fine. Ditto for those who dump garbage or wastewater on public roads, wells without covers, households with unkept curtains, and traders operating without wearing protective gowns or those wearing filthy gowns.  

A XAF3,000 fine is imposed for households without sump pit or those whose latrines are unkempt or have no cover. As for households without latrines or those who do their laundry near water sources, they will be fined XAF5,000. Ditto for owners of old and dilapidated huts, wandering animal owners, and families transporting dead bodies without prior authorization.  

The heaviest of those fines, XAF25,000 namely, is for those who are caught burying their relatives anywhere but the cemeteries and those who exhume bodies without prior authorizations and building without a license.  

The mayor of that town, Moïse Sylvain Tjock, stresses that the fines were decided during a communal meeting eleven years ago (on January 8, 2010).


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