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Civil service examinations: Oral tests can soon be taken via videoconference

Civil service examinations: Oral tests can soon be taken via videoconference

Paru le vendredi, 02 octobre 2020 16:50

From now on, the oral tests for civil service examinations will be held via videoconference. According to the Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reform (Minfopra) Joseph Lé -who disclosed the information during a press briefing last September 30 in Bertoua)- the measure takes effect this year.

This "great innovation" should make life easier for many candidates, especially those from remote and landlocked areas. Until recently, candidates eligible for an administrative position, regardless of their place of residence, had to travel to Yaoundé for oral tests.  

These journeys are usually expensive, long, and painful for them, especially those from poor families. With this "digital revolution," candidates declared eligible will only have to go to the Minfopra’s regional delegation closest to their place of residence to be registered. For example, the candidate from Moloundou will go to Bertoua for the oral exams. This will save time and energy. It also provides more security.

"The experts we consulted also believe that the other major change is in the mindset of our candidates, who will sit for the exam in a more familiar environment than they would be in the capital city (Yaoundé). The stress will also be reduced and they will be calm because of the physical distance between them and the jury," said Joseph Lé.


The logistics for the tests have been made available at the Minfopra's regional delegations. They include the premises and videoconference equipment (cameras, Internet modems, fiber optics, etc.). The juries will be based in Yaoundé but a control center, based in Minfopra's central services, will supervise in real-time the oral evaluations carried out nationwide, the minister said. Candidates in Yaoundé have two options: they can choose to sit for face-to-face tests or take the test via videoconference.

"This simplification and dematerialization approach is based on new information and communication technologies whose adoption is rising significantly in the Cameroonian public administration," said Joseph Lé. Following the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), Minfopra has accelerated the dematerialization of its procedures and digitalized most of its services (online registration for candidates, obtention of administrative acts online, integration of civil servants, career monitoring, etc.). This was done to guarantee continuity of service while respecting social distancing rules.


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