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70,000 Chadian students are enrolled in Cameroonian universities (MINESUP)

70,000 Chadian students are enrolled in Cameroonian universities (MINESUP)

Paru le jeudi, 02 novembre 2023 16:49

During his recent visit to his Cameroonian counterpart on November 1, Tom Erdimi, Chad's Minister of State for Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation, disclosed that approximately 70,000 Chadian students are currently enrolled in Cameroonian universities. The information was relayed by Cameroon's Ministry of Higher Education (Minesup). The Chadian minister commended the "cordial relations and satisfactory treatment extended to all students from Chad," while also highlighting the Chadian government's interest in the new student-entrepreneur program within Cameroonian universities, as reported by Minesup.

Despite the favorable reputation of Cameroonian higher education among Chadian students, the Chadian government remains apprehensive about the challenges faced by its nationals studying in Cameroonian institutions. Minesup cited concerns related to "diploma authentication, diploma issuance, and student identification card provision."

Let's note that cultural, scientific, and technical cooperation agreements have strengthened the ties between the two countries, and discussions regarding a higher education cooperation agreement have been ongoing between Yaoundé and Ndjamena since 2019. 


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