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Cameroon issues CFAF240 mln to support 100 private media

Cameroon issues CFAF240 mln to support 100 private media

Paru le vendredi, 03 juillet 2020 14:19

Cameroon will provide CFAF240 million as state support to private media. To choose the beneficiaries of this support, the national commission created to review the support requests submitted by media outlets is meeting in Yaoundé since July 1. The commission will review 100 applications, including 92 submitted by written press editors and 8 by online media outlets.  

At the opening of the proceedings, the Minister of Communications (Mincom) invited members to deliberate "objectively, rigorously, straightforwardly and calmly, so that our conclusions can achieve our common will, aimed at streamlining state support to private media.”

This meeting is held two months after the entry into force of a new legal framework governing institutional support to the private media. This is Order No. 31/Mincom of 13 April 2020, reorganizing the modalities of access to public support for private communication.


In addition to the name change, this decree introduced several reforms. These include the reduction of beneficiaries with the exclusion of bodies in the audiovisual sector, multiform support, payment by bank transfer, control of the use of financial support, tightening of the constituents of the file as well as the inspection of the Commission in charge of allocating the public aid.

This support will henceforth be granted as financial and material support. According to the private media directorate of the Ministry of Communication, material aid could come as technical operating equipment, the allocation of work facilities, and even the provision of intellectual services.

Unlike what used to happen in the past, the Mincom intends from now on to repress the abuses observed in the use of resources provided to press organs through this mechanism.


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