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Copyright: CMC and Sociladra lose CISAC membership

Copyright: CMC and Sociladra lose CISAC membership

Paru le samedi, 04 novembre 2023 02:56

In the Global Collection Report 2023, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) reveals that six collecting societies had already lost their membership nationwide as of June 2023.  The list includes two Cameroonian collecting societies: Cameroon Music Corporation (CMC) and Société civile des droits de la littérature et des arts dramatiques (Sociladra).

This means that no collecting society is currently representing Cameroon within CISAC. This situation will likely affect Cameroon’s status as a collecting country. Indeed, in the report, CISAC states:  "When societies join CISAC and declare their income, this automatically increases revenues in their countries. [Conversely,] when societies stop being CISAC members, collections from their countries appear to decrease compared to previous reports.” 


CMC's exit from the CISAC member list doesn't come as a surprise. Ever since the company lost its license in 2008, its departure was only a matter of time. Théophile Eyango, Chairman of the collective management organizations’ overseeing committee CCOGC, clarified this in an interview with Cameroon Tribune last July. According to the interview, "At the CISAC board meeting in May, it was concluded that with the government's stance on the issue, CMC would no longer represent Cameroon."

Unlike CMC, Sociladra still holds a license from the Cameroon government. For several artists, Sociladra was evicted from CISAC because it failed to abide by some of the rules laid out by the organization.

CISAC full members classify as collective management organizations and are required to meet CISAC’s professional rules and resolutions," the report stresses.  It seems Sociladra failed to meet them. 

According to the CCOGC, CISAC is rigorous towards its members. The committee adds that active collecting societies are currently readying themselves to join CISAC. Copyright collection experts are even due to arrive in Cameroon in the next few days to enable Cameroonian societies to submit their applications at the next CISAC General Assembly, scheduled for December.

Michel Ange Nga

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