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Mbankolo Disaster: Minat Opposes Resettlement on Disaster Site

Mbankolo Disaster: Minat Opposes Resettlement on Disaster Site

Paru le mardi, 05 mars 2024 14:29

The Civil Protection Department (DPC) of the Ministry of Territorial Administration (Minat) visited the site of the Mbankolo disaster in Yaoundé last week. The primary objective of this mission, according to the department’s communication, was to ensure that the residents displaced after last October’s disaster had not resettled in the area. The DPC maintains that the site, particularly the artificial lake at the location of the tragedy, continues to pose a risk to local populations.

While the exact circumstances of the disaster are still under investigation, several experts have pointed to the artificial lake as a contributing factor to the landslide that resulted in the deaths of approximately twenty people in Mbankolo last year. An inter-ministerial meeting following the disaster also identified “human negligence” as a key cause of the tragedy.

To prevent similar disasters, the government is taking measures to discourage settlement in non-buildable zones, which include swampy areas, mountainsides, and other low-lying areas. These zones are considered hazardous by urban planners due to their high susceptibility to various disasters.

Michel Ange Nga

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