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Far North: Community Leaders Demand Apology from Housing Minister Over Road Remarks

Far North: Community Leaders Demand Apology from Housing Minister Over Road Remarks

Paru le mardi, 05 mars 2024 14:41

Community leaders in the Far North region of Cameroon are demanding a public apology from Célestine Ketcha Courtès, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development (Minhdu), following her controversial comments about the quality of roadworks in Maroua. Hamadou Habibou, president of the Meskine Sey Woota association, is leading the call for an apology.

The controversy began with protests from Maroua residents over the poor quality of roadworks. During a site visit on February 5, Courtès sparked outrage by asking, “What was there before?” This question has since fueled public outcry.

In response to the backlash, Minhdu issued a press release on February 28, stating that Courtès’ comment referred solely to the state of the road system before the commencement of the works. The press release also noted that Courtès had ordered the contractor to rectify any imperfections in response to the complaints.

However, civil society leaders, including Habibou, remain unsatisfied, stating that Courtès has failed to rebuild trust with the people of Maroua. Following the press release, Courtès appeared in a video at the reopening ceremony of the Poumpouré mosque in Garoua, where she continued to denounce the alleged manipulation. This time, she spoke in fufuldé, being a Maroua native.

Journalist Guibaï Gatama responded to the ongoing controversy on his Facebook page, urging Courtès to apologize for her comments rather than continue to argue.

“Minister Ketcha Courtès, instead of continuing to argue, you would be better off apologizing for your inappropriate remarks, regardless of the debate on the quality of the work,” he wrote on his Facebook page.  

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