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Joseph Le takes action against slow-working civil servants

Joseph Le takes action against slow-working civil servants

Paru le vendredi, 05 mai 2023 10:04

The Cameroonian Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform (Minfopra) has once again denounced the slowness in the processing of files within his department. Speaking mainly about the processing of career files by his collaborators, Joseph Le said he would no longer tolerate any delay whatsoever.

"As soon as it is proven that someone kept a file on his desk for at least 30 days without doing his job, he will receive a very severe sanction, which can go up to a three-month suspension without salary. That’s how far we must go to crack down on this issue," Joseph Le said while delivering a speech on Labor Day, May 1st.

The official specified that his measure primarily targets the Directorate of Career Management. "Do not think that what you’re doing is hidden. I am fully aware of what is happening within this unit, and I will do everything to address it," he said.

Michel Ange Nga 

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