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Road network: 41% of Cameroon's roads are in poor condition (Minister of Public Works)

Road network: 41% of Cameroon's roads are in poor condition (Minister of Public Works)

Paru le mardi, 05 décembre 2023 03:14

A significant portion of Cameroon's road network is in dire need of repair, with 41% of the about 121,000 kilometers of road network classified as being in poor condition, according to Public Works Minister Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi. The remaining 58% is categorized as being in good or average traffic condition.

"Regional and communal roads are at breaking point, particularly during the rainy season," Minister Djoumessi emphasized. He drew the statistics from his 2024 performance document presented to members of the National Assembly's Finance and Budget Committee.

The Ministry of Public Works (Mintp) also reported a substantial increase in the road network's length, from 55,000 kilometers in 2010 to 121,000 kilometers in 2023. "This represents an increase of over 121%, with no corresponding increase in maintenance resources, which have remained stagnant at XAF45 billion [...] Due to the challenging economic and financial environment," Minister Djoumessi indicated. 

Despite these challenges, the Ministry of Public Works wants to deliver 860 kilometers of asphalt roads, 22 kilometers of rehabilitated asphalt roads, 504 kilometers of maintained asphalt roads, and 2,561 kilometers of maintained earth roads in 2024. 


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