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MINTP Djoumessi Prioritizes 4 National Roads in 2024 Repair Plan

MINTP Djoumessi Prioritizes 4 National Roads in 2024 Repair Plan

Paru le mardi, 05 décembre 2023 14:09

The road network has collapsed this year, Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, recently acknowledged before the  National Assembly's Finance and Budget Committee.  Internet users have reported difficulties in traveling across the country due to deteriorated roads. For instance, they report that the  Douala-Bafoussam, Ngaoundéré-Garoua, and Maroua-Kousseri roads are so deteriorated that travel takes significantly more time than necessary. 

The Minister of Public Works attributes the road network's collapse to two main factors: the age of the infrastructure and the impact of climate change. He explains that most of Cameroon's roads have reached the end of their lifespan, having been constructed over 15 years ago. Additionally, the recent heavy rains have overwhelmed the country's inadequate drainage systems, causing roads to flood and pavements to crumble.

In response to this crisis, the Ministry of Public Works has proposed a comprehensive plan to repair and upgrade the main roads in the national network. Priority will be given to national roads 1, 3, 5, and 10, which are considered to be of crucial economic importance. The Ministry has also set aside a budget of XAF643 billion for 2024, of which XAF583 billion will be allocated to investment projects.

Cameroon boasts a 121,000 km road network, but only 10,000 km – 8% – are paved. The remaining 111,000 km are dirt roads, with the Ministry reporting that 1,700 km is currently being asphalted.  


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