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Fecafoot: Infographics defend Samuel Eto'o's achievements

Fecafoot: Infographics defend Samuel Eto'o's achievements

Paru le vendredi, 07 juillet 2023 15:45

An infographic recently surfaced showing that the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fecafoot) has improved the football sector under the current president, Samuel Eto’o (photo). While the source of the data in this infographic remains unknown, it is undoubtedly the work of supporters of the Fecafoot president. In recent weeks, they came forward to defend the performance of the former captain of the Indomitable Lions during his first 18 months at the helm of Fecafoot, even as several voices rise to decry his haphazard management.

The infographic shows that Samuel Eto'o Fils has increased the subsidy for clubs in the Elite One championship from 11 to 48 million CFA Francs. He has also raised the prize money for the championship winner from 20 to 50 million CFA Francs. In the same vein, player salaries, which were previously non-existent in club expenditure, are now set at 200,000 CFA Francs… It also mentions that Samuel Eto'o Fils has revived beach soccer, corporate and veterans' competitions, as well as futsal. He has also introduced innovations such as the Super Cup, which opens the sporting season. 

In addition, the infographic notes the return of spectators to stadiums and lauds the array of sponsors who have decided to associate their image with local football.

However, this presentation does not convince everyone, including former supporters. In an open letter, Henry Njalla Quan, who resigned from the Executive Committee (Comex) of Fecafoot, said Cameroonian football has entered the darkest period in its history.

He is not alone in criticizing the management. A few weeks earlier, Joseph Feutcheu, another member of the Comex who was also considered a close supporter of Samuel Eto'o Fils, resigned. To make matters worse, several club presidents are demanding an audit of the management of the MTN subsidy before taking part in the upcoming season. 

Furthermore, several stakeholders in the local football community accuse Samuel Eto'o Fils of depleting the federation's coffers, indebting Fecafoot, and significantly exacerbating disputes.

Michel Ange Nga

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