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Cameroon: CDHC Sets Up High School Clubs to Tackle Teen Drug Use

Cameroon: CDHC Sets Up High School Clubs to Tackle Teen Drug Use

Paru le mardi, 07 novembre 2023 03:10

In Cameroon, drug use has become deeply embedded in society, even infiltrating educational institutions. According to the 2022 statistics published by the Cameroon Human Rights Commission (CDHC), 21% of school-age youth in Cameroon have experimented with drugs. The same source indicates a 15% higher prevalence among 15-year-olds within schools. To address this escalating concern, the CDHC initiated a project in 2022 to establish human rights clubs in secondary schools and universities across the country's ten regions.

According to the state-owned daily Cameroon Tribune, the initial clubs have recently been established in the northern region, including the Lycée Classique et moderne de Garoua, the Collège moderne de la Bénoué, the Lycée de Pitoa, and the Institut supérieur des sciences et technique de la santé et du management de Garoua (Isstsm). Their primary objective is to prevent and combat the use of drugs and other psychotropic substances. This issue has reached alarming levels within schools and is identified as the underlying cause of numerous instances of violence, both among students and directed at educators.

With this initiative, the CDHC aims to support the government's endeavors in tackling the distribution and usage of narcotics within schools, amid a concerning rise in violence within educational settings. The CDHC's core mission involves advocating for and safeguarding human rights, as well as preventing torture in all detention facilities. To achieve its goals, the organization actively promotes human rights education and training across various educational levels.


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